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Artiest: Dokken
Album: The Very Best of Dokken


Breaking the Chains0:00
Paris Is Burning (live in Europe, 1982)5:09
Into the Fire0:00
Just Got Lucky0:00
Alone Again0:00
Tooth and Nail0:00
The Hunter0:00
In My Dreams0:00
It's Not Love0:00
Dream Warriors0:00
Burning Like a Flame0:00
Heaven Sent0:00
Mr. Scary0:00
Walk Away4:30
Mirror Mirror4:40
Too High to Fly0:00

Beschrijving van The Very Best of Dokken van Dokken

The Very Best of Dokken is the 'best of' package of 80s heavy metal band Dokken. Released on Rhino Records, this compilation contains most of Dokken's singles prior to 1995, the year this compilation was released. This compilation is a 16-song compilation arranged in chronological order. Tracks include the instrumental "Mr. Scary"; "Walk Away," the sole studio cut on 1988 live album, Beast from the East; "Mirror Mirror," from Don Dokken's 1990 solo album, Up from the Ashes; and "Too High to Fly," from the 1995 reunion album, Dysfunctional. Track listing "Breaking the Chains" "Paris Is Burning" (Live) "Into the Fire" "Just Got Lucky" "Alone Again" "Tooth and Nail" "The Hunter" "In My Dreams" "It's Not Love" "Dream Warriors" "Burning Like a Flame" "Heaven Sent" "Mr. Scary" "Walk Away" "Mirror Mirror" (Don Dokken solo) "Too High to Fly" Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.