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30-08-2008Foto's van Westerpop op 30-08-2008Video's van Westerpop op 30-08-2008 in WesterparkWesterpopVengeanceWesterparkThois
16-11-2006Foto's van UFO op 16-11-2006UFO setlistVengeance013 - Jupiler Zaal (oud)Thois

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Power Of The Rock, Vol. 3 (remastered) (2019)

Power Of The Rock, Vol. 2 (remastered) (2019)

Power Of The Rock, Vol. 1 (remastered) (2019)

Collections (2006)

Back From Flight 19 (remastered) (1997)

The Last Of The Fallen Heroes (expanded & remastered) (1994)

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zaterdag 25 mei 2024American Legion Post 8 Las Vegas Home of TALARC 8 ECC.Las Vegas, United States

bron: Bandsintown

Biography van Vengeance

There are at least 12 bands called Vengeance: 1) Vengeance is a RAC band from the UK. 2) Vengeance is a metalcore band from Australia. 3) Vengeance is a Trance project from Germany and is comprised of producer/sound-designer Manuel Schleis, and his partner, Dennis Gertner. Other notable Trance projects are Vengeance @ Armadamusic - ASOT, Denga vs. Manus @ Tetuso and Denga & Manus @ Drizzly Records. Meanwhile, "Electronical Madness Sound" is released under: Em Slice vs. Denga , Paxi @ Drizzly Rec., V-Heads @ Superstar Records, and Lowrider @ Zooland. Schleis started producing in the mid-1990s, while Gertner released his first records on Time Unlimited in 1997. Both artists were inspired by the familiar Trance and Techno sound of their home regions, Frankfurt and Main. Despite living a mere 40 kilometres apart at the time, Schleis and Gertner met each other on the Internet in 2001. Their first project, Vengeance, was founded in 2002, followed by several releases from various electronic styles on many labels, such as: Red Silver, Zyx, Illuminate, Re-Wire, Everlasting Records, Media Records, Extension, Asgard, Somatic Sense, and Tetsuo. Despite its humble beginnings, Vengeance became more than a mere project. Recognized globally, Vengeance-Sound is an online sound portal for countless synthesizer modules and the VST-Synth NEXUS. Included in Vengeance-Sound is the Vengeance forum, which has become a famous online community for electronic producers, DJs, and fans. 5) Vengeance is a hardcore band from Virginia. 6) Vengeance is a dutch melodic-rock and metal band, most known for the famous member Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon, Star One, Ambeon, Stream of Passion). Other members include vocalist Leon Goewie, guitarist Oscar Holleman, bassist Jan Bijlsma, and drummer John Snels. The band's discography includes a range of releases spanning from singles and EPs in the mid-1980s (albums like "Vengeance" and "We Have Ways To Make You Rock" in 1986), to compilations (such as "Rock 'N' Roll Shower (1984-1998)" in 1998), and later albums (like "Back In The Ring" in 2006 and "Soul Collector" in 2009). 7) Vengeance is a noise and grindcore band based in Angoulême, France, featuring past and present members of bands from different backgrounds, such as Altess, HKY, Sheraff, Bombyx Mori, and Quartier Rouge. Currently, the band consists of dual male and female vocal leads Marie and Thomas, drummer-vocalist Tibo, guitarist Romain, and bassist Bert (of Grünt-Grünt). Together, the band creates a destructive concoction of noisy grindcore/ultraviolence/fastcore. The band was previously known as Kill Yourself And Die, changing its name to Vengeance after the departure of bassist Sam in 2010. 7) Vengeance is heavy metal and speed metal band from parts of Warsaw, Masovia and Wrocław, Lower Silesia, Poland. The band was formed in 2018 and is comprised of vocalist Wiktor "Witchburner / Vikk Vandall" Świca, guitarist Kuba "Soulripper" Galiński, bassist Lücifera, and drummer Patryk "Bomber" Bogacz. Former members include vocalist Albert "Dust" Kurzyk from 2019 to 2019, and bassist Madman from 2018 to 2022. The band released one demo cassette in 2020, titled "Fukkin' Vengeance" and one full length album in 2023, titled "Sewer Surge". 8) Vengeance was a hardcore band from Hayward, California, around 1980, appearing on 'Not So Quiet on the Western Front'. The band consisted of guitarist Jimmy Invalid, bassist Robb Suave, drummer Terry Harker, and vocalist JX. 9) Vengeance was a band from Montreal, QC, Canada, around 1998. The band consisted of vocalist Benjamin Leclerc and guitarist/bassist/drum programmer Bernard Lebel. 10) Vengeance was a hardcore band from Perth, Australia. They released a split CD with Melbourne's Sun Tzu. 11) Vengeance was a thrash metal band from Płock, Masovia, Poland, formed in 1989. In 1986, the band was first known as Tormentor. As Tormentor, the band consisted of Tomasz Dobrzeniecki, Marcin Kołecki, and Krzysztof Sieczkowski (of Farben Lehre or "Color Theory"). Later, the band became Deathrider, consisting of guitarist Marcin Kołecki, guitarist-vocalist Rafał "Czarny" Nowakowski, and drummer Bartek "Siwy" Gutowski, before changing their name a third time, becoming Vengeance in 1989. Vengeance released one demo cassette in 1993, titled "Words About Us". The band was signed to Gutowski's label "Fucking Zine", which also featured demos from Thanatos, Morbid Insane, and Vulpecula. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.