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Latido Infinito (2022)

Battito Infinito (2022)

In certi momenti (Remastered 192 khz) (2021)

En Todos los Sentidos (Remastered 192 khz) (2021)

Stilelibero (Remastered 192 khz) (2021)

Estilolibre (Remastered 192 khz) (2021)

Tutte storie (Remastered 192 khz) (2021)

Todo Historias (Remastered 192 khz) (2021)

9 (Remastered 192 khz) (2021)

9 (Remastered 192 khz) (2021)

Nuovi Eroi [35th Anniversary Edition (Remastered 192 khz)] (2021)

Heroes De hoy [35th Anniversary Edition (Remastered 192 khz)] (2021)

Dove C'è Musica [25th Anniversary Edition (Remastered 192 khz)] (2021)

Donde Hay Música [25th Anniversary Edition (Remastered 192 khz)] (2021)

Vita Ce N'è (2018)

Hay Vida (2018)

Perfetto (2015)

Noi Due (2013)

Eros Romántico (2012)

21.00: Eros Live World Tour 2009/2010 Special Edition (2010)

The Collection (2010)

Alas Y Raices (2009)

Ali E Radici (2009)

e2 (vol.1) (2008)

Calma Aparente (Spanish Version) (2005)

Calma Apparente (2005)

En Vivo en Viña (1998)

Eros Live (1998)

Eros (1997)

Eros (1997)

Donde Hay Música (1996)

Todo Historias (1993)

Eros In Concert (1992)

En Todos Los Sentidos (1990)

In Ogni Senso (1989)

Musica è (1988)

Musica Es (1988)

En Ciertos Momentos (1988)

In Certi Momenti (1987)

Heroes De Hoy (1986)

Cuori agitati (1985)

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Biography van Eros Ramazzotti

Eros Ramazzotti (born on 28th October 1963) is an Italian singer and songwriter. Eros was born in the Rome suburb of Cinecittà, the son of a housepainter. He began his musical career as a teenager, when he moved to Milan. In 1984 he won the category of "New Voice" in the popular San Remo Festival for his song "Terra promessa". Eros released a series of albums in quick succession, composed of heartfelt autobiographical ballads as well as powerful rock tunes, that launched him internationally. He has collaborated with other artists of international prominence as well. He has recorded duets with Cher and Tina Turner, to name a few. He records every album in Spanish as well as in Italian. He is especially popular in Cuba, Germany, Mexico and Argentina, and has sold over 50 million records worldwide. He has one daughter, Aurora Sophie (born on 5th December 1996), with his ex-wife, Michelle Hunziker, a Swiss model and television host. Discography: 1985 - Italian: Cuori agitati, Spanish: -- 1986 - Italian: Nuovi eroi, Spanish: Heroes de hoy 1987 - Italian: In certi momenti, Spanish: En ciertos momentos 1988 - Italian: Musica è, Spanish: Musica és 1990 - Italian: In ogni senso, Spanish: En Todos los Sentidos 1991 - Italian & Spanish: Eros in concert 1993 - Italian: Tutte storie, Spanish: Todo historias 1996 - Italian: Dove c'è musica, Spanish: Donde Hay Música 1997 - Italian & Spanish: Eros (Greatest Hits) 1998 - Italian & Spanish: Eros Live 2000 - Italian: Stile Libero, Spanish: Estilo Libre 2003 - Italian: 9, Spanish: 9 2005 - Italian: Calma Apparente, Spanish: Calma Aparente 2007 - Italian:e2, Spanish: e2 2009 - Italian: Ali E Radici, Spanish: Alas Y Raices Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.