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09-05-2003De DijkVan der ValkhalHarry

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Nu Of Nou (2019)

Groef (2017)

Allemansplein (2014)

Dijkers & Strijkers (2014)

Het Eerste Jaar Van... (2012)

De Top 10 Van (2011)

Scherp De Zeis (2011)

Hold On Tight (2010)

Niemand In De Stad (Deluxe Edition) (2009)

De Jonge Jaren van De Dijk - 50 Jaar Nederpop (2008)

Brussel (2008)

Zullen We Dansen - Het Beste Van De Dijk 1981 - 2006 (2006)

We Beginnen Pas (2006)

Later Is Nu (2005)

Door (2003)

Muzikanten Dansen Niet (2002)

Zevende Hemel (2000)

Voor De Tover (1998)

Het Beste Van (1998)

De Stand Van De Maan (1997)

Wakker In Een Vreemde Wereld - Niemand In De Stad (1996)

De Blauwe Schuit (1994)

Zeven Levens (1992)

Nooit Genoeg (1991)

De Dijk - Live (1990)

Niemand In De Stad (1989)

Wakker In Een Vreemde Wereld (1987)

Elke Dag Een Nieuwe Hoed (1985)

Nooit Meer Tarzan (2019 Remaster) (1983)

De Dijk - Bloedend Hart (2019 Remaster) (1982)

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Biography van De Dijk

De Dijk is a dutch band from Amsterdam & Zaandam. Their style can be described as a mix of soul, blues and rock. The group is named after the Zeedijk street in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Formed in 1981 by brothers Hans en Huub van der Lubbe and friend Daniel Derks, De Dijk caught the wave of Dutch rock music, which they've ridden for many decades now. Having worked with a number of Amsterdam based groups with very little success for close to a decade prior to forming the band, the brothers shifted their attention to their new project featuring Dutch lyrics in 1981. At the time most rock bands in the area performed either in English or German, making De Dijk something of an anomaly in the market at the time. The band's 1982 eponymous debut record was an enormous success. Joined by keyboard player Pim Kops and drummer Antonie Broek, De Dijk's sophomore release Nooit Meer Tarzan (1983) was underwhelming in both sales and popularity, causing the band to lose their contract with Dureco. Though it took the group a few years to recover, many successful records were soon to follow, beginning with 1985's Elke Dag Een Nieuwe Hoed and the Zilveren Harp Award winning Wakker in Een Vreemde Wereld (1987). De Dijk toured and recorded regularly throughout the late '80s and '90s, becoming one of the Netherland's most prominent rock innovators. Their poetic lyrics, penned by Huub van der Lubbe, would influence an entire generation of European musicians. In 2006 the band played a show honoring their 25th anniversary at the Rotterdam Ahoy Theatre, kicking off an extensive tour. That same year they made their first appearance on Billboard charts with their record Zullen We Dansen 1981-2006, which ranked in the European Top 100 category. Before the name "De Dijk" came into view, the band was known as "Stampei". De Dijk is made up of: * Huub van der Lubbe (vocals) * Antoine Broek (drums) * Nico Arzbach (guitar) * Hans van der Lubbe (bass) * Pim Kops (keyboard) with additional guitar/organ playing by J.B. Meyers and they are backed by the Hot Haarlemmerdijk Horns: * Roland Brunt (tenor saxophone) * Peter van Soest (trumpet) Shortly after forming, they became famous with their first hit "Bloedend hart" and found their way to a broad audience with their albums "Wakker in een vreemde wereld" and "Niemand in de stad". De Dijk is widely acclaimed for their live performances. Still going strong after all these years, although less successful in scoring hit singles. Their biggest hit in the Netherlands has been "Als ze er niet is" (1994). Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.