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06-11-2016Video's van UFO op 06-11-2016 in De BoerderijUFO setlistReds'Cool setlistDe BoerderijThois
02-05-2010Foto's van UFO op 02-05-2010Video's van UFO op 02-05-2010 in De BoerderijUFO setlistVoodoo SixDe BoerderijThois
07-06-2009Foto's van UFO op 07-06-2009UFO setlistDe PulThois
16-11-2006Foto's van UFO op 16-11-2006UFO setlistVengeance013 - Jupiler Zaal (oud)Thois
15-05-2005Foto's van UFO op 15-05-2005UFO setlistThe LizardsDe BoerderijThois
12-06-2004Foto's van Arrow Rock Festival op 12-06-2004Video's van Arrow Rock Festival op 12-06-2004 in De SchansArrow Rock FestivalJudas Priest setlist
Scorpions setlist
Alice Cooper setlist
UFO setlist
Motörhead setlist
Blue Öyster Cult setlist
Paul Rodgers
Ten Years After setlist
Eric Burdon setlist
Y&T setlist
De SchansThois

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Covenant + Sharks (2024)

Rock Bottom In Cincinnati 1995 (Live In Cincinnati, 1995) (2024)

Lights Out (2024 Remaster) (2024)

Too Hot in Tokyo 1994 (Live) (2023)

Lights Out Chicago 1980 (Live) (2023)

California At The Edge 1995 (Live) (2023)

Live At The Oxford Apollo 1985 (2023)

Lights Out In Babenhausen - Live 1993 (2023)

One Night - Lights Out 77 (2023)

Hot N' Ready In Texas - Live 1979 (2023)

Live In Vienna 1998 (2023)

Hollywood '76 (Live) (2023)

Werewolves of London (Live) (2023)

No Heavy Petting (Deluxe Edition) (2023)

High Stakes & Dangerous Men / Lights Out In Tokyo (2022)

The Salentino Cuts (2017)

Live Sightings - Live (2016)

A Conspiracy of Stars (2015)

Hot n' Live: The Chrysalis Live Anthology (1974-1983) (2013)

At the BBC (1974-1985) (2013)

Rockpalast : Hardrock Legends, Vol. 1 (Live at Westfalenhalle Dortmund, 29.11.1980) (2010)

BBC in Concert (4 February 1980) (2009)

Headstone: Live at Hammersmith 1983 (2009)

The Official Bootleg Box Set (1975-1982) (2009)

The Visitor (2009)

The Monkey Puzzle (2006)

Sharks (2002)

Covenant (2024 Remaster) (2000)

Covenant (2000)

Walk On Water (2023 Remaster) (1995)

Lights Out In Tokyo - Live (1992)

Ain't Misbehavin (2024 Deluxe Edition) (1988)

Misdemeanor (2009 Remaster) (1985)

Making Contact (2009 Remaster) (1983)

Mechanix (2009 Remaster) (1982)

The Wild, the Willing and the Innocent (2009 Remaster) (1981)

No Place to Run (2009 Remaster) (1980)

Strangers in the Night (Live) [2008 Remaster] (1979)

Strangers In The Night [Deluxe Edition] (1979)

Obsession (2008 Remaster) (1978)

Lights Out (2008 Remaster) (1977)

No Heavy Petting (2007 Remaster) (1976)

Force It [Deluxe Edition] (1975)

Force It (2007 Remaster) (1975)

Phenomenon [Deluxe Edition] (1974)

Phenomenon (2007 Remaster) (1974)

Live (Remastered) (1971)

Flying - One Hour Space Rock (Remastered) (1971)

UFO 1 (Remastered) (1970)

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DatumLocatiePlaats en land
vrijdag 17 mei 2024Public WorksSan Francisco, United States

bron: Bandsintown

Biography van UFO

UFO is a British hard rock/heavy metal band that was formed in 1969, with lead singer Phil Mogg, guitarist Mick Bolton, bassist Pete Way, and drummer Andy Parker. UFO was a transitional band between the rock of Led Zeppelin and the metal to come in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Their early releases are commonly referred to as "space rock" with obvious influence from the 60s rock scene. In 1973 the band recruited an 18 year old Michael Schenker from the band Scorpions. This marked a departure from their space rock sound to a more hard edged rock sound. They released a string of critically acclaimed rock albums in the 70s that gained them a following in America and made them stars in the UK. Around the time of the 1978 release of Obsession, tensions between Schenker and Mogg were mounting. UFO arguably reached their peak at this time. In 1978 they toured extensively and recorded material for the double live album Strangers in the Night which was released in 1979. This album is considered by many fans and critics to be one of the best live rock albums ever produced. Immediately after the Strangers in the Night tour Michael Schenker left the band. After this period UFO's popularity began to decline as they continue to release material. In 1988 they disbanded due to lackluster sales, decline in popularity, and their inability to (or perhaps refusal to) capitalize on the popularity of the glam rock movement. But the hiatus was short lived. In 1992 Mogg and Way put together another UFO lineup that met with some new interest from fans. In 1993 the original UFO got back together (with Schenker) and the result was 1995's Walk on Water, which some consider to be one of the best comeback rock albums ever. Schenker re-joined and quit UFO many times in the early 2000s. Due to Schenker's instability as a band member (and erratic tour behavior) Mogg eventually gained full control of the UFO band brand and Schenker is now forever from the picture (most likely). UFO has released 20 studio albums, and many live/compilation albums. Though the lineup has changed many times over the years the core members of the band were usually involved along the way: Phil Mogg (vocals), Pete Way (bass), Andy Parker (drums), and Paul Raymond (guitar). UFO's influence was strongly felt in the '80s metal scene and they have been cited as a primary influence of Kirk Hammett of Metallica, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, and Iron Maiden who gives thanks to UFO in the liner note of The Number of the Beast. UFO's official website: There are other artists with same name: 2) UFO is a Danish rapper/singer-songwriter and member of the Danish hip-hop group Ufo&Yepha. 3) UFO is the alias of UK Happy Hardcore artist Jason Holloway who is known for his production on such labels as Raverbaby and Jellybaby. 4) UFO is a Latvian singer/songwriter also known as Kaspars Upacieris. He also hosts a radio show BB Brokastis with Andris Freidenfelds. 5) UFO was one of the first Costa Rican punk band and one of the most important during the 90's-early 00's in the Costa Rican alternativa music scene. 6) UFO! A Bay Area native pioneered the San Francisco Drum and Bass scene and co-founded the Phunckateck collective. An innovative producer. 2002 saw UFO! releasing an original material CD on Thermal Recordings, called "The Future is Listening”. Releases include a mix CD on Vortex called “Maelstrom,” and a special edition mix CD for Circa footwear. UFO! has worked Hive, Echo, and Techno producer John Tejada. UFO! remixed a track for Hollywood Records, rock band Tinfed, called “Drop”, and several singles including “Tech has Taken Over Me”, “Sideswipe” (produced with Kaos) and “Besame” (produced with Arqer and Realtime). “Enemy Infiltration”, an anthem of 1999, blazed across the U.S. and abroad. The stunning string arrangement on the track had producers from the revered Trouble on Vinyl label from the U.K. sampling it for one of their own releases called “Mission Control”. 7) UFOUnited Future Organization otherwise known as UFO is a nu-jazz duo made up of Japanese-born Tadashi Yabe (直 矢部, Yabe Tadashi?) and Frenchman Raphael Sebbag (ラファエルセバーグ, Raphael Sebbag?). One of the three original founding members, Toshio Matsuura left the group in 2002 to work with Universal Japan on a remix album project 8) UFO is a Hungarian music band. The most successfully years were the 90s for them. 9) UFO is an Indonesian music band. They released the first album early 2000 named "Brutal Pop".They've entered an Indonesian ska compilation album 10. UFO is a Norwegian band mostly cover band Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.