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Headlines van: Sleaze Roxx
Tour with Stryper, Lynch Mob and Sweet & Lynch is in the works for 2018
Mike Tramp not interested in playing or spending any time with ex-White Lion bandmate Vito Bratta
Sebastian Bach doesn’t feel that he has received the respect he deserves as a solo artist
George Lynch has new project called Super Stroke with Warrant’s Robert Mason on lead vocals
Dante Fox to release new album ‘Six String Revolver’ on November 24th
Iron Maiden to release new live album ‘The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter’ on November 17th
Airbourne release documentary trailer ‘It’s All For Rock N’ Roll’
Gitanos & Suicidas’ EP ‘Caos, Stilettos y Mentiras’ available for streaming
Guitarist Alex Grossi states Hotel Diablo album was “one off” that “may just stay that way”
Mr. Riot release video for new single “Superstar”
Jetboy working on new studio album to be released via Frontiers Music Srl
Evil Eye release lyric video for “Protectors Of Freedom” from upcoming new album
Ace Frehley states that drugs and alcohol were his downfall
Revolution Saints release video for ballad “I Wouldn’t Change A Thing”
Two local acts play into the night while bigger acts bolt Shrinedom Festival due to non-payment
Roxx Records to release limited edition reissue of Fear Not’s debut album 25 years later
Sadhayena introduce new drummer Antoine Denis
Dirtbag Love Affair going on hiatus as guitarist moving further away for second time
Dizzy Fox have three song demo available for streaming
Video footage of reunited 3/4 classic Frehley’s Comet playing “Cold Gin” on Sept. 15th
Doro has recorded 2017 live version of Warlock album ‘Triumph And Agony’ to be released in future
The Treatment looking for new lead vocalist as singer Mitchel Emms has decided to leave the band
Details on Helix frontman Brian Vollmer’s new solo album ‘Get Yer Hands Dirty’
Doro planning on adding more US dates for 30th year anniversary of Warlock album ‘Triumph And Agony’
Video footage of reunited 3/4 classic Frehley’s Comet line-up playing live for first time since 1988
Löve Razër to release new album sometime in 2017
DreamsNowReality release deluxe edition of ‘Dreamfinity’ album via Perris Records
Sammy Hagar states possibility of Van Halen reunion is a “dead horse”
Ex-Quiet Riot singer Mark Huff responds to Frankie Banali’s past “karaoke” Kevin DuBrow singers comment
Tom Keifer’s ‘The Way Life Goes – Deluxe Edition’ to be released on October 20th
Frehley’s Comet reunion anticipated with four members present at same show on Sept. 15th
Shakedown Suzies release debut video for song “Get It On”
Temple Balls to play abroad for first time in November with performance in Japan
Faster Pussycat guitarist Ace Von Johnson standing up for pit bulls and dogs down on their luck
Gene Simmons to possibly do documentary involving fans who purchase box set’s ‘Home Experience’
Broken Teeth release video for “Sinful” via EMP Label Group
Ex-Vinnie Vincent Invasion singer Robert Fleischman to join Vinnie Vincent at KISS Expo in January 2018
Prices for Gene Simmons’ box set ‘The Vault’ to range from $2,000 to $50,000
Frankie Banali states he failed miserably with past karaoke Kevin DuBrow club like singers
George Lynch states Lynch Mob use ‘Wicked Sensation’ as benchmark but can’t recreate or beat it
Mr. Riot to disband but will still release new album ‘My Life, My Road’ in September
Ex-Stryper bassist Timothy Gaines working with new “super group of sorts”
Tigertailz to release “Fall In Love Again” with guest vocalist for ten years of Pepsi Tate’s passing
The Sweet Things to play 12 shows in 12 nights throughout USA in October
Stryper frontman Michael Sweet chooses to take high road despite bassist Timothy Gaines’ insults
SteelHeart release video for ballad “Lips Of Rain”
Mike Tramp releases video for “Work It All Out” from upcoming box set
Timothy Gaines states fired from Stryper because he has balls compared to two other bandmates
Travelin Jack release new song “Cold Blood” for streaming
44 Caliber release flip side song “Blow The Game” from single “Seconds” for streaming


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Headlines van:
Nekrohowl Debuts New Song "Blasphemy Still Unnamed" From Upcoming New Album "Epitome of Morbid"
Iron Maiden Premieres New Live Video For "Speed Of Light" From Upcoming New Live Album/Film "The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter"
(hed)P.E'.s Track "Pay Me" Now Available With One Gram Cone Joints
Limbs Signs With Equal Vision & Premieres New Video For "Poison"
Bermuda Debuts New Video "Gnashing Teeth" From Latest Album "Nepenthe"
Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta Premieres ‘The Howard Stern Show’ Themed Song "Hit Em With The Hein"
Video Clip For New Song "Oddity" Premiered By Tetrarch
New Single "The Darkest Black" Released By Zephyra
New Song "Matriarch" Premiered By Jupiterian
Wormholedeath To Release New Album From Town Tundra
Play-Through Clip For New Song "If Only We Had More Time Together..." Issued By The Kahless Clone
Necrotted Posts "Vile Vermin" Video
New Song "Blood Wet Teeth" Premiered By All Pigs Must Die
New Solo Album "Shadow Work" Announced By Warrel Dane
Satanath Premieres New Song "Lartagik"
Sliptrick Records Welcomes Sacro Ordine Dei Cavalieri di Parsifal
Debut EP "Posthumanism" Announced By Carbon Seed
Siptrick Records To Issue New EP From Levania
Sliptrick Records Signs Deal With Poison Pill
New Video Clip "Upon Shadows Fatal Stigma Of The Realist" Issued By Upon Shadows
Shadow Kingdom Records Signs Blackrat
Public Sales Date For 70,000 Tons Of Metal 8 Announced
New Video "Afternow" Available From Blackfinger
Lyric Video For New song "Inside/Outside" Posted By Jeff Scott Soto
Self-Titled New Album Streaming In Full From Tuna De Tierra